You can lose confidence because of a lack of eyebrows. The daily chore of penciling in thin, disappearing or very fair-haired eyebrows can affect your self-esteem. You’ll no longer have to apply make-up every morning. Yet you will feel fresh and confident, every day.

This microblading method is perfectly suitable if a client wants to correct current eyebrow shape, add volume to brows or fill in sparse areas. It is also suitable for clients with no eyebrow hairs, as we will create a new, beautiful, naturally looking brows. This treatment is ideal if a client has suffered from cancer and due to chemo/radio therapy lost brow hairs or suffers from alopecia or other medical condition that resulted in eyebrow hair thinning or loss. 

With our eyebrow treatment we can carefully create hair strokes which flow with the natural direction of eyebrow hairs, blending in and creating a soft look. The aim of our technique is to create the brow that nobody would be able to notice you have the microblading technique.